About Us

about us

Established in 1982 Ichiban originally started as a parts shop working with a variety of JDM vehicles as well as importing cars, half cuts and parts from Japan for the Australian automotive enthusiast market.

Quickly building a reputation for sourcing hard to find JDM parts, Ichiban continued to grow and stocked a large selection of components including long block engines and transmissions. Throughout this time the mechanical side of the business also flourished.

In 2012 the business was purchased by Scott Diver, an experienced mechanic with a passion for JDM and in particular Subaru’s. Since 2012 Scott has greatly expanded the services offered by Ichiban, introducing dedicated engine building facilities, inhouse fabrication tradesmen, auto electricians and most recently, tuning facilities with the installation of a mainline dynamometer.

Passionate about motorsport, Ichiban is constantly carrying out research and development on the Subaru platform to create better offerings for their customers including several inhouse development vehicles in both track and drag applications. The success in motorsport development lead to Ichiban now supporting over 50 dedicated track vehicles as well as a number of drag cars.